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[August 15th, 11:08pm]
Don't you love how you can know someone since kindergarten, be the absolute best of friends youre entire life, and then 10 years later she finds a new friend. Everythings cool at first, like the three of us would hang out all the time. I got a boyfriend, and she got a boyfriend, who happen to be best friends. Then, what do you know, 8 months later, her new friend becomes the one she tells everything to. And I find out that she doesn't want to hang out with me through my boyfriend who found out from her boyfriend. Shes the most naive, and immature girl I have ever met, and I have realized this throughout the past few months. If something doesnt go her way she will exclude her self and sulk in a corner. Things have to be her way. And godddddd forbid i have a healthy friendly conversation with her boyfriend about a vacation spot we have both been to. I mean really. Yeah, she got upset over that. It kills to know im gonna have to be the one to give her a reality check because im the only one that has the guts to say anything to her face.

retarded huh?
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[June 9th, 8:06pm]

So, it's been a year and a half almost since my last post.
Interesting, huh? Well, I dated that kid Pat I talked about before for 11 months.
Things were great, but he was going off to college and I was becoming
a sophmore in highschool. Not the best age to date someone like that right?
Well after we broke up, I started dating a junior named Sean. I met him through his sister because we are on the volleyball team together. He took me to his Ring Dance, as friends at that time, and it just went from there.
Now, 6 months later, we're as happy as can be. He was the total opposite of Pat. Like not even kidding. Pat was a computer geek, really, and Sean plays football and baseball. Total seclusion to everything I like.

The thing is, I'm really happy with Sean; he has a great family and everything, good morals. The whole nine yards. But, I feel as like I'm the one who has to choose about everything. Or the one who has to call everynight. Or the one who texts him first. Or the one who chooses the plans.
But its okay. I guess thats just what I'm gonna have to deal with. He's been better lately about calling and whatnot. I don't know. Maybe I'm just over re-acting about everything.

So, another story. I've been paranoid as hell lately. I've had my period for like 3 years now. And normally it comes every 30-31 days. Like normal of course. Never once has it come more than 2 days late. But lucky me, I'm like 7 days late. No, I haven't had sex. Yes, I'm still a virgin. Yes, I've fooled around with Sean, but not enough for my period not to come. I'm so paranoid its crazy. So I told my mom, not everything, but about my period not coming. So hopoefully it will come in the next few days, and if not, Gyno, here I come!

I don't know.
needed to get that out. :]
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[December 21st, 7:12pm]
Hi, I'm Katie.
& I haven't updated in like 65468156 months.

I really like highschool.
buttttt. the guy that I was telling you about....
4 or so months ago, we broke up.
Yeah. we never ever talked, because of sports and things.
But its okay. I'm over him now... I think.

So, like I was saying before.
I really like highschool.
Its soo much better, and a lot more fun.
I love English. Its amazing.
Volleyball has ended, and I'm sad; but happy because
I get to rest more.

I tried out for the Musical at my school
So hopefully, I'll make it, and be a very happy girl.
Tomorrow is the last day of school before break.
I'm very excited. I get to visit my family. & sleep like woahhhh.
And hang out with my friend, Pat.
He's really funny. & I like him. but shh. he doesnt know.. I think.

That's my life.
Have a wonderful Holiday everyoneeeee!!
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[September 17th, 3:09pm]
wow. i havent updated in like forever.
so here it goes.

As you know, i went camping a while ago.. That lasted like.. a day. We had this really big thunder storm, and my car got struck by lightning. so we ended up going home..
Then we went to Disney with the fmaily, which was AMAZING i must say. Disney with 23 people is off the heezy =] we had a great time.

Well now im a freshman in highschool. yipppeee.
its really fun, and i only got lost once =]. i love my friends they are totally amazing. im on the volleyball team, and were okay, but were getting there. highschool is a lot of work. but ill ger used to it. =]

so i went to visit Michelle today at college, cause we all miss her.
and me and kell are deff going up there when kell gets her liscence and a car =P

yeah thats really it.. nothing too excitinggg. =]
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[July 19th, 7:07pm]
Hi everyone ♥

Well i havent updated since a couple weeks before school ended... so i thought i would, just to keep you informed =].

Well i graduated. duhh. and then like 4 days after school ended, i went to Louisiana. My sister and I went down to Cow Island to help Hurricane Relief. It was really fun. We met all these people from Jersey, Texas, Minnesota, & Pennsylvania. People from Texas are just amazing. I painted for 4 days straight, and my sister dry-walled and stuff. and then we played cards in our free time like it was our job, and played frisbee with this kid Marshall from my work group. hes mad awesome. and then we stayed one day/night in New Orleans before we headed home. & i got a mask which is really pretty. and we walked around the town, and took a horse and buggy tour thing. Needless to say, the trip was amazing.

Then from Louisiana, my sister and i headed up to Rochester, NY to spend the weekend at my moms friends lake house. It was really relaxing, and fun because they have 3 little girls, who would NOT let go of me. it was so cute. then we left and came home.

Since then nothing really has happend. ive hung out with my friends mostly, and ive been playing volleyball twice a week, with the highschool team to get me ready for the season. and on friday im going camping at bantam like last summer with the family, and my love jennnn.

and then NEXT saturday, i am going to Disney with the family. Including my cousins, aunts, uncle, granparents, the whole crew of about 22 people. which should be off the heezy. haha.

so yepp. ill update after then i guess =]
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[June 19th, 3:06pm]

I love life. well school. its amazing =]

Holiday hill was sooo much fun.
It was last wednesday (the 14th)
There was all this free food and drinks, and ice cream
and Cotton candy, and nachos. it was awesome.
In the morning i hung out with jenn, rach, and juliet and them
and then i found vinny and we hung out in the pool after
we did this ginormous choo choo train with like 10 people
so we were in the pool most of the day, and then he made fun
of my white, white legs (hes mad tan) which was not funny. haha
Except the pool was cold because it was kinda cold, and there
was a breeze, but we dealt with it =]

The dance was absolutely amazing.<3
I got there and then took pictures with my loves,
and then everyone signed yearbooks for about 45 minutes.
Then everyone went into the gym for the dancee-ing part.
& vinny was reallly cute cause there was a photographer there
and he paid to get a picture of us, (they havent come back yet,
so i dont know how they turned out.) and then we danced for a while.
and then i chugged a cup of soda and did this ginormous
burp and started laughing histerically. =]
The night was so much fun. ms smith was actually less of a bitch than
usual so that was good.

&& now for the pictures =]Collapse )
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[June 3rd, 7:06pm]

Hi everyone. no im not dead. just busy.=]

Well my last post was in April...
soooo thats about 1.125 months of catching up to do...
so were gonna start with May..

Went to the Fall Out Boy concert in BPT with my loves Jenn, Rach, and juliet.
Softball was going great.. only lost two games this season so far against the same team,
but they were mad amazing games.
Oh and in school were doing this decade project, and its sooo fun. ther are 4 groups and each group is doing a decade, 1950-1980. im in the 70's. its like amazing. we have almost no work , and were with our friends all day. now how great is that?!
Nothing too exciting happened...

Now how about June<3
Well on thursday -june1st- i had the NJHS induction ceremony. I had to speak about character anddddd yeah thats about it. if i can find pictures ill post them in another entry.
Friday, June 2nd,
Was me and Vinny's -my boyfriend- 4 month anniversary. he got me this totally cute teddy bear.
and then acused me of being a lesbian. hhaha. long story.
Today, June 3rd,
was SFTD day. its when this main street in the center of town is blocked off and theres all these little venders, with clothing, games, food, fun stuff like that.
and i went with Ariel, cause i love her oh so much. and hung out with her and
Vinny in the pouring rain with no umbrella =]
and then we went to Vinny's house cause Ariel had to pee after drinking a water and Vinny lived near were STFD day was held.. so we walked there in the rain. and then we walked back after Ariel peed.
&& i really like walks in the rain now =] hehee.

mskay.. soo thats basically it. i willllllll update after Holiday hill and the 8th grade semi-formal cause that will be hottttttttttttt =]

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[April 7th, 6:04pm]
soo. what have we misssed here.

As i said in my last post.
i fractured my finger.
well i didnt fracture it, it was only a sprain
but it was my middle finger, and it was all taped up for two days
in this red tape and it got to flip my sister off and it was fun.
but now its off and were all good.

uhmm what else

oh yes,
volleyball started a couple of weeks ago,
two nights a week, and its fun fun fun
Serving if the best about it, cause i have a sick nasty serve,
and well its just funnn
softball started and im really happy.
It started like last weekend.
and i missed the first practice cause i went on this trip for confirmation which i will get to.
but then i went to the next practice, and i had fun. tons of fun.
im becoming a better catcher, thrower and hitter.
my hits are like totally awesome.
and my throws are more accruate, and catching is just fun cept my knees hurt after practice but its all good.

and now to the confirmation trip.
so we went to NYC with my church and like 5 other churches or something,
and it was awesome, i really didnt expect to have as much fun as i did.
we went to the first methodist church that was boring but then we went to ground zero
and this kid from another church kept like making fun of me.
but then he like introduced himself to the 5 of us that were hanging out together
and he was cool.
and whenever we say him wed always be like 'WHOOP WHOOP'
cause thats what he made fun of me for doing.
anddd then we went to this place and shopped and ate for like an hour or so.
and i got a cowboy hat. and its mucho awesome.
and then this balloon guy made us all hats and then he connected them together.
and we walked to the bus like that and mad people were taking pictures of us and it was funny

hmmmm what elseeeee.

i had a jazz concert on tuesday night, it was fun.
im in the jazz band at my school now. and we play mad fly tunes. haha
we were TOTALLY gonna play funkytown but the stupid people from flood stole it from us.
and we could TOTALLY PLAY IT BETTER THAN THEM. gay fags.
and theres this kid in jazz band that liked me but then my boyfriend got him off my back.
and THANK GODDDD. he was totally annoying anf like tried to hit on me.
it was just gross. and then he wanted a kiss and a hug, and i was like
'UH NO' and then these kids in our band who are also my weird friends
went upstairs and they were being chased by the janitor or someone.
but all in all it was all fun and good.

oh yess. i do have a boyfriend now.
and hes awesome. and i like him alot.
cause hes mad cool and not concieted
like all the other fucking 6545615618715 million other 8th graders out there.
and its good good good.

mkay this is long.
but whatever thats my life for a while.

ohhh and im going to new york tomorrow and sunday its cool,
but that means no resting time. but what ever

mkay im done. ♥
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[March 26th, 9:03pm]

Soooo helloCollapse )
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el pollo loco! [February 27th, 3:02pm]
okay soooooooo
im back from california and it was absolutely amazing.
so heres a brief update about it.

saturday the 18th-
woke up at 3 am.
went to the air port. and apparently i dont exist to the people in laguardia. yeah i totally didnt have a ticket and then they wanted me to get screened and it was crazy/. but we got out there okay and we hung outt.

went to go visit my uncle at his house for the day. and drove around and went to the mall. then we ate dinner at his house with his girlfriend and her daughter. we had really good steak. ahaha

hung out at the hotel for a while. didnt really do anything.

went to the san deigo zoo and then went out to dinner and at like 945 at night went to a block buster and bought the RENT dvd haha

hung out, and stuff and didnt do a lot.

went to hollywood and downtown disney.
tooka 2 hour tour in hollywood and ate at baja fresh
then went to downtown disney on the way home.
i got a pretty tiara =]
and then went home and hung out.
talked to my friend even though it was 1 am at home haha

packed up our things and went to laguna beach and played some volleyball with the guys and kell. thennnn went to boomers (arcade/gokarts/laserrtag)
played laser tag and went on the go karts. had fun

was on the plane allll day. from like 11(calitime)to 10(ct time) at night.
but in chicago we stopped and ate lunch and we were eating in the gate thingy. and everyone was staring at us like we were freaks, cause ther were 12 of us and we were all like sitting on the floor eating. haha

so yeah thats how my week was .
anddddddddd if i can find where my dad puc the pictures, ill post some if i can.

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[February 12th, 12:02pm]
I need to hibernate from the world. i really do.
im so happy in going to California next week.
i need to get away from everyone and everything.
maybe that week will just let me cool off
and get all the anger out that i have.

i have found out that i have anger issues.
like i get mad really quickly if someone says something
that either annoys me or they just like to bug me.

i also think i need to take up running or something.
something that i can do to get away from everyone.
and get all my anger out.

&& im really happy softball is starting soon.
softball makes me feel happy. i can get all the anger out that i want with throwing anf hitting.
well letting it out within reason. =]

&&&&& i also think having my mom home a lot more is kinda getting to me.
yeah i havent told everyone ; but my moms cancer came back so shes not working.
but at least shes not stressed out . but i mean she has to get out more.
it like having a camera attatched to my head!
but ill get used to it eventually.

yeah thats about it.
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[January 14th, 6:01pm]
Okay well i know i havent updated in like a month and a half, and thats because nothing is really worth updating about. But ill tell you some stuff that happened anyway.

Lets go back to last year (end of November)
Went down to north carolina for thanksgving,
TURNED 13 =]
Uhm some bad news, but not willing to talk about it.

School is going pretty good,
Nothings bad, im not failing Sience or english anymore.
My Break was good, and so was christmas.
Just hung out mostly, and did nothing.
New years was very good. had a lot of fun.

Now for this year
Grades are still up, thank godd.
Went to see RENT on broadway the first week in January.
Needless to say it was freaking awesome.
I have a meet coming up for swimming.
My life is getting more stressfull as the days go on.
Cause ill be a freshman next year
Swimming is totally taking over my nights.
Joined jmazz band for school
And im doing intermmural volleyball after school,
so my afternoons are packed also.
I think im taking on too much, but i keep telling myself i can handle it.
Im getting contacts on tuesday. and im so fucking excited =]
Im also doing a winter softball clinic run by my coach.
to get ready for this season.
&& hopefully be undefeated ONCE AGAIN <3

Went ice skating last ngiht with Rachael and Kirt.
and it was awesome. i love them both to death
and im gonna be majorly sad when kirt moves at the end of the summer =[
but well i didnt fall and i was really happy.
it was really crowded and i was dancing while i was skating.
and i had to like hold on to kirt or i would fall.
but it was fun and we had an awesome time.

okay well that has been my life for the past couple monthsssss

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backkk [November 5th, 9:11pm]
Wow. well i havent updated in a while. and i mean like a month.. thats really long. for me at least.

well things have been going good.
well except that guy part of life.
that part of my life is totally dead.. cause guys are jerks.
i had a swim meeet today. did good and stuff. but im to lazy to write about it.
went to the foootball game last night with my loves. and got back around 1030 or so.
uhmm.. im going to new york tomorrow for a service for my grandma..
i have a shit load of homework that i should be doing like now.. but im to lazy to do it.. and its all due monday.
my birthday is in 14 days and im excited. ill finally be 13.
i have a recent obbsession with myspace.. but then again.. who doesnt.

thats really it for now. my life isnt very eventfull ..
but heyy thats stratford CT for yah..

oh and mr broadbins CIRCLE OF TRUST can DIE.. cause well it can.. =]

&& im going to california in february for spring break<3 and im realllllllly excited . cause it will be my first time and well.. it will get me away from all of this snow and junk.
&&&&& im also going to north carolina for thanksgiving to see ym grandma and my aunt cause were awesome and we drive all night. while my sister has a sugar high on lemon heads at 3 am in the morning.

mmk im done now

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[September 18th, 12:09pm]
okay so i havent updated in like 6551813861568 years.
not really but thats kayy..

yea so i havent been dead just lazy and busy.

swimming 3 times a week for an hour and a half every day . then conformation classes and school and alllll that fun stuff..

and i know i havent been commenting on peoples journals.. i just like cant keep up with everything anymore
even in my own life. but oh well..

school sucks. i would like to kill Mr. B. hes gay and i seriously think he was a women in a previous life or a rapist. =] and my goal by the end of the year is to kill him and leave his remains in the ocean somewhere.
im so nice ; ]

yea other than that schools been good having a great time with my friends and stuff a lot of work but thats school.

oh i got ran into in gym on friday. fun right?
we were playing wiffle ball and a kid ran into me like full force
and made me spin and fall over and he like hit my bad knee and below it so i couldnt walk.
and then my mom picked me up from school and dropped my friends off that waited for me and missed their buss -last period this happened- and then went to med now and its not broken or anything just contusions.
or bruising between the bone and muscle. so yea im okay

then went to rachaels last night and hung out with jenny and her. holy shit it was fun.
about an hour after i got there it started getting dark and the power just like SHUT OFF cause of a major storm outside. so we all screamed like little girls and used my cell phone for a flashlight until we found candles. and just like sat around the kitchen table and talked. and wished guys were there. hahaa =]
then i called a couple of my friends to see if they had power.. and they did.. =[ but we had so much fun just sitting there and talking.

then as soon as i left the power went on. go figure.

yea so that basicly has been my weekend.

nothing event full has really happened since my last entry like a while ago. but i might get contacts this year because of swimming. well thats what my mom said.

yea so long entry but thats kay..

also. i dont really think im gonna keep up with peoples journals anymore its just too much. and i dont think im gonna update as often ebcause of stuff. ill really just have this thing for communities.

so yea thats it

Katie <3
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[August 21st, 11:08am]
Yea.. well im not dead =]
just havent been updating a whole lot.

Jersey was fun (two weeks ago)
Hot tho

The boat. well thats always fun.
coming back to the dock singing and dancing at midnight was hilarious.
especially with the parents being.. well..

yea. so school starts next week and i wanna go shopping for some new stuff.
but ill go this week with my mom.. so yea.

i want school to start.. but i dont..
cause of the flood kids coming to our school and stuff.
so it will be PACKED more than usual

now you can see why i dont update as often as i used to


♥ Katie <3
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[August 4th, 9:08am]
ok sooo this is how my week went in ohiooo

hung out around the hotel
went mini golfing
swamm in the pool
did really nothing.
went out to dinner at a
really nice place and went and got
MONDOLY good ice cream
Rained a lot

we were supposed to go to the park..
didnt cause it rained.
went to the mall
bout clothes and stuff.
went out to a buffet dinner
which was goood
decided that we were staying another day and
not go to State college Penn and stay
there fridaynight.

Went to the park.
went on a lot of rides.
waited in line for like an hour for every ride
went to the water park hung out in the pools and
lazy rivers
ate good food hung out
all that fun stuff
got home around 12

Went to the park again
after going out to breakfast
did more rides
ate more food
went on more water slides at the water park
left around 1030

Drove for like 3 hours stopped at a ugly diner
thing which wasnt all that good.
then drove to Bucknell U.
to visit my moms friends from college and their
2 boys. went swimming and stufff
had a nice dinner hung out had a fire
and made smores

Went to Bucknell and went rock climbing
cause my moms friend is the recreation
director and has all the keys to like everything
so we did that and got all hot and sweaty and went
swimming at their local pool for a couple
of hours and then went home
played cards and stuff
had a cook out and left around like 5
got home around 1130 and fell asleep

OOH!!! GOOOOOOOOOD newss.. i get my braces off in like 6 months tops!!!!!! yayyyy for Katieeeee!
and i might be able to get them off before i go to CALIFORNIA!! which would be totally awesome. =]
so Katie is happy now.

Katie <33333333333333
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[August 1st, 11:08am]

yea i had a lot of fun in ohio
at cedar point and yea

ill make a long entry about it later
cause im reallly tired right now.....

so yeaa

<3 Katie
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[July 24th, 10:07pm]

For all of you who commented on my
last post before camping..

thank you. =]

i had a wonderful time
except got a couple scrapes,
and bruises.. but all in one peice.

there was this like big raft
in the lake and we were playing like
King of the Hill with the guys and
it was THEEEE FUNNEST thing everrr.

i got pushed off loike a million times
and got like thrown off and carried off..
but it was awesome

then i fell off a rock and got like a HUGE
scrape on the back of my leg.. but its ok =]

yea.. soo... ermm..thats all for now. =]

and im leaving for ohio tomorrow night.. sooooo i
wont be back for like a week or soo.. soooo yeaa. =]

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[July 21st, 10:07am]

Well. im going to be on vacation
for the next couple of days..

i am going camping friday - sun
and ohio monday night - next sunday

so i might not be able to get to the
computer on monday when i get back from camping

just letting you all know that im not gonna be dead.
but away on vacation

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[July 16th, 6:07pm]
I thought id update..

Got back from New york Friday night..
so ill update about that week.

Diddnt really do anything..
just hung out around the house and stuff
Hung out with Kaite.
Michelle slept over that night

Went to the Palisades with
Timmy, and Aunt Joan.
Shopped a bit ate lunch
Went to Papaya and got a really cute
jacket for like 15 bucks.
Then shopped a bit more.
Went home, hung out
Played 4 way solitare ; ]
Fam came over for dinner,

Went to Long Island around 9ish
with Kell,Katie, and Aunt Joan
Rained in the morning
Me being the stupid person that i am
ran out in flip flops in the rain
and slipped and fell on the linolium deck.
Went out to lunch
Came back to the house swam.
Went back to my aunts house around 6ish.

Went to Wilsons waves with
Debbie,and Katie.
Had a blast
Went in the wave pool which was realllly funn
Went on the slides in between the waves
The lifeguards like HATED me.
Ate lunch
Went swimming some more
Went home around 2.
Was Totally POOPED
Layed around the house and watched half of drumline
Fam came over for pizza
Aunt joan did something to her ankle so at like 9 went to the hospital for an X-ray

Did nothing really.
Timmy and Aunt Joan went to the Hospital around 2 for Timmys surgury
Hung out.. and packed all our stuff up.
Did nothing basicly.
Dad came around 7.
Went out for Pizza.
Came home

Did nothing either.
Went to the Library and Whistle Stop.
And Wallgreens.
Dad hooked up the new printer/camera picture printer.
People are cooking dinner now
Eating soon.
Going to a Bluefish game after probably.

Yea that was my week.

and i got a really nice tan line from thursday which i am proud of. =]
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